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Vario Tracheost Tube w Adj Flange & Low Press Cuff size 8

TRACOE vario tracheostomy tubes are flexible tubes with a patented, variably adjustable neck flange. By means of a practical pressure mechanism, the neck flange can be moved and, thus, be adjusted individually to any patient. A scale ensures the exact positioning of the neck flange in preparation to change the tubes with the flange fixed immediately after its release. Additionally, as an optional precaution, the neck flange can be securely locked by pulling up the orange level system. Since no screw top is used, no pressure of any kind will be exerted on the trachea. 

The pliable wings of the flange can be adjusted independently of one another. This provides additional possibilities for meeting the unique anatomical requirements of each patient. 

The vario 460 range are made up of a:
  • Cannula with 15mm connector, cuff, X-ray contrast line and scale
  • Obturator and wide neck strap.
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SKU: 460-08

Pack qty: Each

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