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Bamford is a third-generation medical supplier to
New Zealand hospitals and practices.

Our story

We get it, you need a supplier you can rely on.

We get it, your team needs to perform.

We get it, you need to save money as much as lives.

We deliver products to meet those needs.


We get supplies packaged to your specifications. We get consumables in your customised combinations.
We get products design-altered at your request. Why? Because as a small, family-owned Kiwi supplier with
long-running loyal relationships, we can get it for you.


William Bamford

from 1952

In 1952, William Bamford saw a need to
supply gauze rolls to hospitals after the war. A
believer in taking opportunities, he did it.
Simply doing what needs to be done, is still
at the heart of what we do.

Alaister Bamford

from 1978

From 1978, Alaister Bamford took what his
father started and grew it into what it is today.
Kiwi can-do and common sense of genuinely
partnering with innovation brands, is still why
we're used today.

Alex Bamford

from 2011

Since 2011, Alex Bamford has streamlined
New Zealand's medical needs with the
innovations of global suppliers. Knowing our
customers' needs, asking and then
answering, is what will always set us apart.


Bam way

We make decisions that recognise
their impact beyond today.

Although as a consumable company much of what we supply is single-use due to risk of infection, cost and convenience, our approach is to consciously accept what we cannot change and proactively commit to what we can.

We have a growing range of biodegradable as well as environmentally-conscious reusable products. Our packaging is recyclable and made of 75% recycled material, and we give our devices and products lives beyond their shelf life by donating to charities and communities.



View our social responsibility document


Bam fam

We've been around a while with a dedicated and loyal team.

Call us any time with your needs, because the better we know you the better we can help.

Alaister Bamford | Governing Director

Alaister is the middle of three generations, bridging founder William Bamford with today’s Alex Bamford. Putting others’ needs first, he likes to “see and not be seen, to hear and not be heard, to know and not be known”. He is our company’s compass.

Email Alaister

Alex Bamford | General Manager

Alex is the head and heart of Bamford. Setting the tone for where the company and industry are headed, he wants to remove the gloss and bring back the human. The first to be modest, he's 'just' turning things around, and making little things more important than ever.

Email Alex

Phone: 022 385 9441

Cam Weitz | Clinical Manager

Cam is our clinical advisor, providing expert advice around our products to clinicians. He’s thorough, through and through. Call Cam and you’re guaranteed a problem solved; a solution given. He’s all about the conversation, without the drama.

Email Cam

Phone: 021 764 009



Anne Jones | Operations Manager

Anne is the backbone of Bamford. Straight up and reliable, she's the one behind our emails getting stuff done without you knowing. Aiming for seamless delivery, if she's doing her job to 'Anne' standards, you won't even know she's there.

Email Anne

Phone: 04 576 2104



Andrew Graham | Supply Chain Manager

Andrew is the engine of the company. Having been here for 15 years, he knows how to keep our cogs (aka warehouse team) running, so that our supplies get from A to B with no one noticing. He calls himself a glorified box mover, we call him our legs as he's the one who keeps us running.

Email Andrew

Phone: 027 611 5335



Mel Buchanan | Sales and Customer Support

Mel supports our sales team and customers alike, mastering the balancing act of pleasing both sides of our relationships. She puts herself in others’ shoes and predicts what’s needed for things to run smoothly. Mother to five, she’s a natural juggler.

Email Mel

Phone: 04 5762106



Sally Fleury | Business Support

Sally has had our business’ back for almost 20 years, pulling our reporting and regulatory together for our reps and team. A long-standing Scouts volunteer, she loves bringing out the best in others. At Bamford, she arms us with all the tools we need.

Email Sally

Phone: 04 5762108



Warehouse Team

Darryl, Mat, Wayne, Dan and Deb are our unsung heroes, the doers that deserve noticing. The pickers and packers of next-day orders, they’re a ‘band of brothers’ (two literally are) who have all the important things in common; taste in takeaways and rugby league.

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