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Siltape Silfix Soft Silicone Perforated Tape

Siltape is a soft silicone fixation tape delivered on a handy roll with perforations for ease of use, no scissors are required.

Siltape can be used in any situation where a regular adhesive tape would be used. It is particularly useful where friable or sensitive skin is an issue. It is ideal for use on paediatrics and neonates. Siltape is a suitable solution to taping down eyelids for theatre. Siltape is great for securing IV lines and fistula needles as it can be repositioned with no loss of adherence and with atraumatic soft silicone. Small incision sites such as biopsies can be covered with Siltape with no harm to the wound or surrounding skin. Siltape is ideal for protecting friable tissue from pressure damage or sores from tubing this is especially useful on the face and tops of ears. Siltape can be applied directly to the skin and tubing placed on top.

Indications for use:
  • Dressing retention
  • Taping down eyelids (in theatre)
  • Securing IV lines
  • Over small incision sites
  • Under oxygen masks on bridges of noses
  • Securing fistula needles
  • Protection from pressure damage or sores from tubing

  • Atraumatic soft silicone, reduced pain on change, adjustment or removal
  • Soft and conformable
  • Adheres only to dry skin not to a moist wound
  • Easily adjustable with no loss of adherence.
$14.46 +GST


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