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Buchanan Laryngectomy/ Tracheostomy Protectors

The Buchanan Protector is more than just a neck worn cover. It is a serious medical device designed to provide filtration and deliver efficient heat and moisture exchange.  

It delivers unique benefits to neck breathers through effective product design and material composition — the crucial benefits delivered by the exclusive Hydrolox 1 Foam.
  • Pure cotton, sandwiching Hydrolox 1 Foam, allows a soft fabric feel against the neck with no sharp edges.
  • Non-adhesive, so no skin irritation
  • Flexibility and rests comfortably on the neck and chest and can be used during radiotherapy.
  • Good filtration, filtering out dust and dirt and efficiency during inspiration.
  • Can be used immediately, post operatively.
  • Ideal in all weather conditions.
  • Choice of sizes – small (width 140mm, length 114m) and large (width 216mm, length 208mm) and supplied in packs of 10.
  • Can be worn day and night and can be washed up to three times.
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