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Baby Bottle with teat

We have a full range of feeding bottles for babies, which fulfil the needs in neonate, maternity and paediatric departments.
  • All feeding bottles are ready to use;
  • The complete range of disposable feeding bottles and teats are available in various configurations which can be adapted to your needs;
  • The disposable feeding bottles are used for the collection and storage of mother’s milk, as well as for the preparation of formula milk. The milk can also be pasteurised in our feeding bottles;
  • Our full range of disposable teats, made of injected (latex-free) polymer, are adapted for children of all ages and fit all the baby feeding bottles.
Baby feeding bottles are produced in food-grade quality polypropylene. The bottles are in accordance with the European Directives for plastic containers for foodstuff and all are leak proof. The calibrated graduation offers a reliable accuracy. All feeding bottles are manufactured, assembled and packed under clean and controlled production conditions (ISO 13485). The thermoplastic teats are produced in a neutral material that does not contain toxic derivatives.

Our feeding bottles can be frozen for storage to -30°C and can be microwave heated. Our feeding bottles also fit in the standard contact heaters and transport baskets.

As all the teats fit all the bottle sizes, there is always a complete bottle that meets the child’s requirements.
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