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Ventrain Ventilation Device

Ventrain is a single-use ventilation device based on a fundamentally new ventilation principle: EVA. Dedicated to manage difficult airway situations. Ventrain is easy in use as inspiration and expiration are initiated by using just a thumb. Only requirement is O2 from a high pressure gas source, with a pressure compensated flow meter. Flow may range from 4 L/Min for pediatric to 15 L/Min for adult patients. The pressure at the catheter’s distal end will not be higher than needed to provide the desired inspiration flow.

Effective, full ventilation in case of an obstructed upper airway
Ventrain is the only ventilation device that provides for full ventilation in an obstructed airway situation. Ventrain supplies O2 during inspiration and actively removes the expiratory gases during expiration. The latter significantly reduces the risk of barotrauma and circulatory collapse and results in proper CO2 clearance from the lungs. Ventrain in combination with the transtracheal catheter Cricath® re-establishes adequate oxygenation levels quickly as an I/E of 1:1 and a minute volume of 6 L/Min can be obtained.

Connection for capnometry
Ventrain has an additional connector for a side-stream capnometer*.
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