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Ventrain Emergency Kit w Ventrain Cricath & Syringe Sterile

Ventrain is the solution in life-threatening situations to establish rapid re-oxygenation via a small bore lumen. The type of lumen and route of airway access (oral, FONA by needle cricothryotomy or by scalpel bougie technique) is not of interest as long as the lumen has a Luer connector. The ventilation provided by Ventrain has several advantages: it enables minimal invasive ventilation through a small bore tube of < 3 mm ID, it provides full ventilation: oxygenation and CO2 removal and it allows side-stream capnometry. 

The Ventrain emergency kit includes:
  • 1x Ventrain catheter that enables quick access to the trachea
  • 1x Syringe sterilised by Ethylene Oxide.
Advantages include:
  • Effective and safe ventilation of obstructed airway through a small lumen: Effective oxygenation / Effective CO2 reduction.
  • Usable from paediatric to adult
  • Saves lives in CICO situations
  • Driven by gasflow not electricity
  • Through Luer-lock also usable with other (difficult) airway catheters
  • Connection for side-stream capnometry.

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SKU: 2618300

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Box qty: 5

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