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Actimaris Wound Irrigation Fluid

ActiMaris is a Swiss-made range of effective wound cleansing and irrigation preparations.

Its unique formula combines ionized sea water, sodium oxychlorite and active oxygen. ActiMaris not only cleanses, but also decontaminates the wound bed and can assist in the reduction of peri-wound swelling.

Instructions for Use
The ActiMaris cleansing solutions can be applied as a rinse or as a 5-10 minute soak at each dressing change.

For deeper cleansing of sloughy wounds, ActiMaris Forte is recommended.

ActiMaris Sensitive can be used once the wound bed appearance is improved.

For ongoing cleansing in the dressing phase, ActiMaris gel can be applied directly to the wound bed and covered with an inert dressing.
Depending on the wound conditions, dressing changes every 2-3 days are recommended.

Indications for use
  • Acute wounds
  • Chronic wounds
  • Necrotic, malodourous wounds
  • Thermal and chemical burns 1st to 3rd degree
  • Entry portals of urinary catheters, PEG tubes and drains.
  • Pure, natural product
  • Effective cleaning and decontamination
  • Reduces the risk of infection.
$27.31 +GST


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