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Advazorb Hydrophilic Foam Dressing

Advasorb and Advasorb Lite are soft and conformable, low-adherent, hydrophilic polyurethane foam dressings with a breathable, waterproof film backing. The low friction film reduces “rucking” on clothes and bandages helping to extend dressing wear time. With a moisture vapour transfer rate (MVTR) of 2600-2700g/m2/24hours, the Advasorb foam range exhibits excellent fluid-handling properties and provides the ideal conditions for moist wound healing. These dressings retain fluid under compression and have an extended wear-time in areas of friction and shear.

  • Low friction thin film backing
  • Bacteria proof backing
  • Available in regular and ‘Lite’ versions
  • Soft and conformable
  • High fluid retention
  • Maintains moist healing environment
  • Can be cut to shape.
Suitable for acute and chronic exuding wounds including:
  • Cuts and abrasions
  • Superficial burns
  • Surgical wounds
  • Leg ulcers
  • Pressure ulcers
  • Diabetic ulcers.
From $24.89 +GST


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