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Burnshield is a remarkable sterile, web product which provides the essential physical protection urgently needed when someone is accidentally burned.  

Burnshield comes in a wide variety of sizes and presentations including, but not limited to, sheets, sprays and gels.

All variants are made up of water, hydrogel and tea tree oil the combination of which is designed to absorb heat, cool down, soothe and reduce infection of the burnt area.

Safe for use on children, Burnshield is highly effective within the first 24 hour period.  

Burnshield can be secured with:
  • Cohesive bandages
  • Crepe or conforming bandages
  • Cling film (or suitable plastic wrap alternative).
  • Water-based but hydrogel presentation more practical for continuous care and transportation to nearest facility
  • Active ingredient
  • Non-toxic, non-irritant
  • Safe for use on children
  • Safe for use on facial burns
  • Non-adherent to delicate burnt tissue
  • Effective pain relief
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Easy to use, assess and remove
  • Cost effective.
From $3.74 +GST


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