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20mmHg Legline Stockings

Venosan Legline 20 are 140 den graduated compression stockings designed to provide medically correct compression following sclerotherapy as well as phlebectomy procedures and for effective compression therapy in cases of chronic venous insufficiency. Legline 20 can eliminate the need for unsightly compression bandages or surgical weight compression stockings.  With a correct pressure profile to promote circulation and giving your legs noticeably better support.

Graduated pressure.  Pressure at the ankle - 100% 20mmHg, pressure at the knee - 80% 16mmHG, pressure mid thigh - 60% 12mmHG.


  • To prevent varicose veins and heavy legs
  • For people who sit or stand a lot at work
  • For long journeys by plane, train and car.


Below knee29-3132-3435-3738-4041-43
Mid thigh42-4445-4748-5251-5354-60

Colours: Black / Nude / Sahara

78% polyamide
22% LYCRA ® elastane

From $70.71 +GST


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