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8000 CCL.2 Stockings

It is recommended you see a clinician to be measured for compression stockings to ensure correct sizing, comfort and effectiveness. 

Venosan 8000 – ULCERFIT is a two-layer medical compression stocking system specifically used to treat and prevent recurrence of venous leg ulcers. 

The system consists of two specially knitted stockings to complement each other in their medical effect and generate a special pressure configuration.  The liner is normally worn day and night to assist the wound dressing from slipping with the overstocking supporting treatment during the day by guaranteeing the defined pressure. 

  • Time saving treatment
  • Fast and easy to use, patient can apply the system without outside assistance
  • Better patient compliance
  • High wearer comfort
  • The liner's flat and thin surface ensures an easy donning and doffing of the overstocking. 

  • Supplied as a set of one beige overstocking and two white liners. Liners are also available to purchase separately and are supplied as a pack of two. 

    Treatment of venous leg ulcers 
    Helps to prevent recurrence of venous leg ulcers 

    Available in: 
    Compression class II (23-32mmHg) and 
    Compression class III (34-46mmHg 
    10 mmHg 

    Colours: Beige 

    62% TACTEL polyamide 
    26% elastane 
    8% cotton 
    4% Lyocell/SeaCell® 
    90% polymide 
    10% elastane.

    $81.37 +GST


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