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ReadyWrap Calf

ReadyWrap® is an off-the-shelf adjustable compression wrap for transitioning out of therapy into self-management during the daytime, night time, and high or low activity. With a tri-colour strapping system the coloured straps match together to simplify donning and allow easy adjustment for daily girth fluctuations. 

See pdf file included on this page for information on sizing and item details.

Product benefits: 

Low-stretch material - mimics short-stretch bandaging, the gold standard of treatment

50% overlapping straps - helps prevent gapping

Blocked support spine - helps maintain garment form to support all-day wear

Colour-coded straps - provides easy step-by-step donning guidance

Foam padding - cushioning at elbow and wrist provides comfort and evenly distributes pressure

Modular design - garments work effectively on their own or in combination.


Indications for use  

  • Lymphoedema
  • Chronic oedema
  • Venous disease.


$173.00 +GST


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