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Caresia Below Knee

Caresia is an off-the-shelf foam bandage liner designed to simplify and enhance compression bandage techniques by replacing the need for traditional padding or under layers.  it is to be used during the intensive phase of therapy to simplify the multi-layer bandaging process during the daytime, nighttime and high or low activity.

Product benefits:

Saves time - eliminates the underlayers of bandaging.  slide on and apply short-stretch bandaging over top.

Proven foam technology - breaks up and softens hardened fibrotic tissue to support skin health.

Quick and easy fitting - only 2-5 measurements needed to select size for each style.

Easy wearing - comfortable and wickable fabric.

High-stretch fabric - offers greater range of motion compared to multi-layer bandages.

Re-usable - machine wash and dry for easy garment care.

Colour: Blue

Indications for use:

Lymphoedema - when used with bandages/other garments

Oedema (non-blood related) - when used with bandages/other garments.

Available styles:

Apply Rosidal K over Caresia to achieve the desired compression profile.

Gauntlet (fingerless hand), glove, MCP to axilla (palm to upper arm), wrist to axilla, thigh, below knee, foot.


Refer to the full Lohmann-Rauscher brochure for sizing details located on the front Compression page.

$332.00 +GST


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